Corpus Christi Personal Trainer Delivers TRX Training to Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi personal trainer uses the TRX suspension training system to offer clients the latest and one of the most effective training tools ever offered to the public. It’s not only an effective workout it’s offered at a very reasonable price.

Our personal training clients are just like everyone in society today; time is a valuable commodity that most of us don’t have enough of. We use a unique combination of: power exercises, strength exercises, and metabolic exercises all in one personal training session. The we've found out that their clients not only get stronger, but are getting in better cardiovascular shape all while shedding the unwanted fat from their bodies.

According to Corpus Christi personal trainer the benefit of the TRX suspension trainer versus machine based equipment is that you are using your total body to complete the movement. In the tradition corporate gym, the machine based equipment will dictate the path of the movement which does not cause the client to do anything other than produce force to complete the movement. We believe that by using the TRX suspension trainer the client has to engage their entire body to complete the movement. In personal training we are looking to create the greatest caloric disturbance that we can in every workout. In the attempt to complete a movement or exercise the client will need to engage their core muscle, call on the stabilization of the muscles involved in the movement and on top of all that the client will be required to have enough strength to complete the movement and remain balanced. The Corpus Christi personal training believes that is enough reason to have their clients complete the TRX suspension trainer as a key part of their fitness training program.

We're not only concerned with helping their clients losing weight; they are also concerned with their clients total body fitness. Once again besides using free weights, the use of the TRX by the Corpus Christi personal trainer seems to be a no brainer. When the total body development is in mind asking the body to work in unison in order to complete a prescribed movement. The thought process is the more muscles that are called upon whether to stabilize or be a prime mover, the result of more muscle activation will in turn cause the personal training client to burn more calories, which will mean more overall fat loss.

We're pleased to offer a free TRX training workout every Saturday at 8:30 am at Docs Restaurant out on the deck. There is no better view anywhere, than from the lower deck at Doc’s. So if you’re interested in getting a great workout and achieving amazing results then come to train with Corpus Christi personal trainer. What do you have to lose nothing but your unwanted pounds.

If you live or work in or near the Corpus Christ, TX area and want to lose fat and tone up faster than you ever thought possible.

Discover how our Corpus Christi Personal Fitness Training can help you burn fat and look Better than Ever!