Welcome to the world of Suspension Training. This is a great way to get a super effective workout without worrying about injury. The best news is that it's great for anyone to use. Men, women, weak, strong, athletic, nonathletic, young, and old alike can all use it and experience great success.

But what is this training? Simply said: it's a bodyweight exercise program that offers great core, cardio, and upper and lower body strength exercise.

Randy Hetrick, a former Navy Seal and Stanford MBA graduate, developed the TRX equipment and the associated bodyweight exercises in the 1990s, and started marketing it in 2005. Fitness Anywhere, Inc. owes its roots to the US Navy SEAL Teams, It was in wharf-side warehouses, urban safe-houses, on ships and inside submarines, where Randy Hetrick, and his SEAL teammates searched for ways to stay in peak condition while away on missions.

This is when Hetrick got the idea to develop a prototype of the TRX®. The original TRX was a training harness - a few lengths of parachute webbing hand-stitched together using boat repair tools.

Almost immediately, Hetrick and his teammates put the TRX® to use and created the first dozen exercises. In the weeks and months that followed, the breadth of original bodyweight exercises grew and the harness evolved, gradually becoming the complete field training system being offered today. Tested by the military to attain operation readiness in the field, the TRX® achieved success early on prompting Hetrick to launch a company around the product, Fitness Anywhere INC.

At about the same time Kurt Dasbach, a former professional soccer player in Chile, discovered an ancient Andean conditioning system that utilized ropes while playing in South America and developed a rival product, Inkaflexx, around the same time. Both trainers have one thing in common, your body weight offer the resistance that you work against to develop your body.

The goal of the exercises are to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and stability all at the same time. In many respects this training offers the benefits of traditional resistance training, but in a much safer and versitile package.

The TRX system is the trainer that we use at Sports Fitness Solutions and the one that we recommend. Why do we use TRX? Because TRX offers a wide range of safe exercises to meet any fitness goal. Bottom line the TRX Resistance Trainer works for all of our clients whether it's used exclusively or as part of a total workout program.

It's our goal at Sports Fitness Solutions to offer our clients exceptional fitness training and programs, using products that are not only effective; but also safe. The TRX system meets these goals.

The TRX is changing the way athletes of all abilities, and people in all "walks of life" perform by offering:

  • Increased Fitness and Energy Levels
  • Improved Total Body Strength
  • Improved Core Strength and Stability
  • Improved Muscle Coordination
  • Reduced Risk Muscle Strains, Muscle Tears, and Back Pain
  • Immediate and Measurable Results
  • A Safe, Effect, Fun and Easy System to Use

Check out some of the following TRX training exercises and see what you think.

Portable Suspension Trainer How To Use Video
Suspension Trainer Circuit
Suspension Trainer Tricep Extension
Suspension Trainer Chest Press
Suspension Trainer Leg Curl

To see more of these exercises click on our EXCERCISE LIBRARY tab at the top on the left.

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