Sports Fitness Solutions Newsletter

Issue #013

How to Succeed With Your Fitness, Weight Loss or Muscle Gain Goals!

There are three questions that so many people want answered:

How can I lose weight?

How do I gain more muscle?

What is the best pill or supplement for me to take, to achieve my goal quickly?

As a head strength coach and facility owner, I train both athletes and non-athletes who are trying to answer at least one of these questions. As a result, I spend time researching answers to these questions so I can deliver the best exercises and programs tailored to each of my clients. While doing my research recently, I came across a theory by Stephen Covery that I believe hits the mark. It's called the “Law of Farming”. Basically, Mr. Covery's law states that most of the truly great occurrences in our lives take time and cannot be rushed. Now I am not a farmer; but I believe the "Law of Farming" is true, and that it relates very well to our exercises programs. I'll show you how.

I believe that farming requires a lot of patience, followed by consistent actions to insure that the farmer's crops grow. I also believe that farmers have a strong belief that the plan that they have set out for themselves for the upcoming crop will be successful. As a result they stick to that plan not straying from it. They know exactly where they are going and how they are going to get there.

I know you're asking yourself, "Jeff what does this have to do with my fitness goals?" I'll show you.

While doing my research I came across another article, this one by Mike Boyle that made the connection very clear for me to understand; and I think it will answer your question. When my clients start an exercise program that is when the “seed” is planted; however as we all know if you just plant a seed and leave it there, it will not develop and grow strong. So we begin to feed (Fertilizer) the seed, but if there is too much or too little food the seed will not grow properly. This is where so many new exercisers get frustrated, because exercising is exactly like watching GRASS GROW! It's slow and it takes time. No one wants to wait for results; but unfortunately that is how it works. I feel all of my client’s frustrations; but long lasting results take time.

The key to reaching your fitness goals is not to quit when things seem to be moving nowhere. Rather have faith in your program, just like the farmer. Have faith that your plan will achieve your goals. I know this is easy to say before you start your exercise program; but not so easy if you have already started and your mental markers for improvement have yet to show. Again have faith in your plan; your program will bear fruit. Before you know it you will begin to get that ever so needed compliment, or find that those pants now fit just a little bit better. That is when the crops begin to show through the soil. Know that your harvest, reaching your goal, is not too far ahead.

As I tell all my clients, your current conditioning level did not just happen overnight, so physical changes it will not happen overnight either. Exercise programs should be approached over several weeks, months or even in some cases years, not a couple of days. I understand that we live in a quick fix society, where everyone wants that super pill that will give them the body of their dreams in the morning. I can’t give that to you, no one can.

However I can give you the process and the guidance on how to attain those goals. Like farming you have to start by planting the good seed. Then the seed must be fed and watered properly with your hopes, dreams, and hard work. It may take weeks, months or even years; but if you are consistent with your exercise and nutrition then your goals will become a reality. I know it.

Continue to Cultivate Your Crops

Stay Fit Jeff