Sports Fitness Solutions Newsletter

Issue #027


Are you healthy? Do you rarely get sick, have no need for prescription drugs, and can't remember the last time that you had to visit the doctor? If you answered yes, stop reading, and continue with your current diet. If you answered no to these questions then you may be suffering from some nutritional deficiencies that are in turn causing you problems.

In today's world it's hard to know exactly what to eat for optimal health, especially since you hear and read so many different opinions on what's best for you. Even when you make every effort to eat healthy, your diet almost always lacks some important nutrients.

So a study was set up to find the perfect diet. As a result of this research a very interesting observation was made, it's called "The Chimpanzee Connection."

The Chimpanzee Connection goes like this. Chimpanzees and humans are more closely related than any other animal species. In fact, research shows that we share 99.4% of our DNA sequence with our chimpanzee friends. Why is this significant? Because Chimpanzees are in far better physical shape than humans, and possess strong natural immunity to cancer and other fatal, as well as common, human illnesses.

So why are they more healthy than us? The research all pointed to the chimpanzee diet as the reason for their superior health. Chimps and humans have vastly different eating habits; and it's really all about the "greens" that chimps eat and that we don't.

While we humans enjoy pizza,,hamburgers,and banana cream pie; chimps eat a diet extremely high in dark leafy greens, an item that we hardly consume in the human world.

The research focused on dark leafy greens. What was discovered was that "leafy greens" are a super-food packed with extremely high levels of nutrients. Following are 5 facts that I bet you may not know about "greens" and why you should include them regularly in your diet.

1. Greens are packed with amino acids...AKA protein.

I'll bet you didn't know that dark leafy greens are a legitimate source of protein. It's true!

Protein molecules are made of a chain of amino acids. When you consume protein from chicken, you're getting chains of amino acids that have already been assembled into a complex protein.

When you eat dark leafy greens you are getting a plethora of individual amino acids. Your body then takes these amino acids and assembles it into complex protein chains.

2. Greens give you lots of insoluble fiber, and act very much like a sponge.

You know fiber is important, but did you realize that fiber is needed to rid your body of toxins? Insoluble fiber is extra special, since it is built like tiny sponges that each absorbs several times more toxins than its own volume. Check out just a few of the many benefits of fiber:

  • Fiber reduces cholesterol
  • Fiber prevents and reduces the risk of cancer
  • Fiber lessens risk of diabetes and improves existing diabetes
  • Fiber helps shed unwanted pounds and prevents overeating

3. Greens promote bodily homeostasis...necessary for optimal health.

Homeostasis is the physiological process that regulates all substances in your body at ideal levels for optimal health. It is a very complex process, one that your body is constantly working towards.

In order for your body to achieve homeostasis it needs an abundance of vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and minerals. Greens are a super provider of all of the above.

4. Greens are alkaline...which promotes healthy cells.

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer: weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen on the cellular level -- this causes fermentation, which results in acidity, or low pH.

There is a close connection between the foods you eat and your pH balance. For example, Parmesan cheese is highly acid forming, -34; while spinach is an amazingly alkalizing food, +14.

When you get plenty of greens on a daily basis, you're able to better maintain a good alkaline pH balance.

5. Greens are made of chlorophyll...liquid sun energy.

As amazing as it may seem, the molecule of chlorophyll is strikingly similar to the molecule of human blood. Chlorophyll heals and cleanses your organs while destroying harmful substances.

Here are just a few of the powers of chlorophyll:

  • Chlorophyll builds a high blood count
  • Chlorophyll helps prevent cancer
  • Chlorophyll counteracts toxins
  • Chlorophyll promotes an alkaline body
  • Chlorophyll helps sores heal faster
  • Chlorophyll improves varicose veins
  • Chlorophyll improves vision

So how do you get all of this great "green" nutrition in a busy day? Introducing "The Green Smoothie": While the evidence for eating lots of greens continues to mount, who really wants to chomp through a pile of spinach everyday? The solution is as convenient as it is efficient: the green smoothie.

Simply blend greens with fruit and water, the result was an easily absorbed, delicious smoothie. The key to reaping all the benefits from your green smoothies is to use a wide variety of greens and to drink it every day. Most people enjoy it as a quick, nutrient-packed breakfast.

A study was done on "Green Smoothies" where people drank green smoothies everyday for a month. Most participants reported a noticeable increase in their energy levels after just the first week. This boost of energy may be just what you need to get into gear with your workouts, which will help to improve your fitness, which will help you lose wieght and tone your body.

See where this is going?

Remember, regular challenging exercise is the key to achieving your ideal body.

Need more convincing that greens should be a regular part of your diet? People who consume green smoothies report fewer cravings for unhealthy food and tend to snack far less than when they aren't getting their greens. So sip your green smoothie with a big smile, knowing that you're turbo charging your health and expediting your weight loss.

Until next time, remember "Stay Fit You'll Feel Better."



Green smoothies consist of 3 basic ingredients: greens, fruit and water. Have fun experimenting with a wide range of varieties of both the greens and the fruit in order to reap the most benefit. You may be surprised to find that the simple combination of greens and fruit is quite delicious.

Servings: 1


  • 1 bunch (2 cups) red dandelion greens (feel free to use spinach or any other dark greens)
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1-2 cups filtered water


In a high speed blender mix the ingredients until smooth.

NUTRITION: One serving equals: 199 calories, 1g fat, 47g carbohydrate, 10g fiber, and 6g protein.