Sports Fitness Solutions Newsletter

Issue #001 -- Washboard Abs

Why Don't I have Washboard Abs? The Myths and the Facts.

Fitness Myths:

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I'm asked many fitness questions each day. One of the most common questions I'm asked is, "I do a million sit-ups or crunches and my stomach still isn't flat, why?" Another question I hear a lot is," why don’t I have ripped abs, I work them hard everyday?"

Fitness Truths:

For those individuals that truly do those “million” sit-ups or crunches, I applauded your efforts because your effort and dedication are something to be admired. However in terms of getting that ripped midsection, or that bikini body, all your sit-ups and crunches won't guarantee that you achieve your goal.

As we know crunches will not flatten you abs, the crunches will tighten them however. The problem is you have fat underneath and/or above the muscle, with exercise the muscle will act like a weight belt and pull the contents inward. The result is that your waistline might get a bit smaller, but you still have not removed the fat underneath and above the muscle. So in order to get those “ripped abs” a work out program consisting of interval training, overall strength training, a variety of ab exercises, and eating a clean diet, would be the start to this most desirable physical attribute, WASHBOARD ABS.

I hoped this helps. It's my goal to dispel some of the fitness myths we all hear; and to answer any fitness questions you may have. Visit us at: I promise we'll try to help and answer any every question you pose.

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