Sports Fitness Solutions Newsletter Issue #006 - Diet For A Smaller Midsection!

Diet For A Smaller Midsection!

Hello again,

You may recall one of our recent newsletters "Flab to Fabulous Fitness Solution," where we discuss getting those "six pack abs." It was very well received and has resulted in a lot of good discussion and questions. As we discussed in that newsletter, I continually get questions about abdominal training and why people aren't achieving their goal of “six pack abs”. Well as a result of these questions and the discussions on "Flab to Fabulous Fitness Solutions", I have decided to write more on this topic, and more on what has worked for me and my clients in their attempts to lose that dreaded Midsection Fat. So let's get started.

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me to write a workout program for weight loss. I'm always glad to help, and the first thing I immediately ask them is "what do you eat each day?" Usually when they hear this question they immediately want to refocus on the lifting that they see my clients doing, rather than answering the question. From here they usually say that they have seen remarkable changes among my clients, and they want me to help them look like that. The truth however is that it's not just about an effective lifting program, it is also about what you put into your body. If you put "junk" in your body, then you can expect "junk" results. "You are what you eat."

As a result of this questioning, I've also been asked, "Jeff what do you eat?" Well here it is: I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, focusing on fruits and vegetables, nuts, and protein (although a lot less protein than what most people would think). I also eat fewer of what I call modified carbs. "Modified Carbs" is a term I got from (ballantyne, 2008) Craig Ballantyne.

Diet plays a huge part in helping you eliminate that stubborn belly fat, and ultimately in helping those six pack abs to appear. The best part about the following diet guidelines is that it doesn't matter if you are new to exercise, have been exercising for some time but not seen the changes you had hoped, or are the most advanced lifter who is trying to achieve the most out of their ability. It works the same. Here are FIVE fantastic nutrition rules to start today for your abs diet.

1) Reduce your in take of "modified carbohydrates."

A Modified Carbohydrate is anything that is not eaten in its original form. So reduce breads, pasta, breakfast cereal, muffins, granola bars, and of course, any other food in a bag or a box.

When I cut out modified carbs, I lost another 1% body fat, had more mental energy, and did not feel sleepy after meals.

I say, "Stick to fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts for carbs."

2) Increase good fats, and eliminate bad fats. Eating even 1 gram of Trans fats per day could harm your heart, not to mention your midsection. One of the few supplements that have gotten some good press is fish oils; and the reason is that fish oils are good for heart health and are metabolized easily.

3) Eat more protein, but not an excessive amount. There is a lot of literature that would recommend up to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, but for those who are overweight this would be too much.

Women need about 100 grams of protein; men need about 150 grams, or about .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight

4) Add more fiber to your diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts.

5) Stick to your nutrition plan 90% of the time.

What do you mean 90% of the time, what about the other 10%?

Great question, let's say you are on a 2000 calorie per day diet. To hit 90% of the time goal, that means 1800 calories must come from fruits, veggies, nuts, and protein, leaving you 200 calories "to play with".

You can either have a 200 calorie treat each day, or save up 200 calories for 3-4 days straight and have a 600-800 calorie reward meal every 3-4 days.

Make sense? It seems simple enough, right. It is.

Just be consistent with these 5 Rules and you will achieve your weight loss goal and be well on your way to those six pack abs.

Remember planning ahead helps to avoid all of the obstacles life likes to throw in the mix. If you need help in the planning process, or If you want more help with this type of nutrition, including meal plans for men and women go to: and we'll be happy to help.

By following this simple diet you will enjoy maximum energy, vitality, and increase your fat burning capability. So give it a try, what is there to lose? Nothing except that unwanted stomach fat; and you just might realize those "six pack abs" you're working so hard to get.

Good luck and stay fit. You'll be glad did.

Jeff Paluseo

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, CSCS certified

Reference Ballantyne, C (ballantyne, 2008)