Sports Fitness Solutions Newsletter Issue #009 - Why New Year's Resolutions Don’t Work!

Why New Year's Resolutions Don’t Work!

As 2008 comes to an end and 2009 rapidly approaches, we often hear people talking about their New Years Resolutions, and many times these resolutions have to do with weight loss. In my head when I hear people speak about their New Year weight loss goal I ask myself, "Why this year, what is going to make this year any different than the last several?" There are many reasons why our resolutions aren’t met; but I am only going to highlight one. As my business guru has told me “failing to plan is preparing to fail;” these individuals failed because they did not have a plan. Planning applies to both your personal life as well as your fitness goals. Here are my plans for 2009; maybe they'll get you "kick started" toward achieving your New Years Resolutions.

Two of my passions are fitness and the fitness business. I have been studying both for several years; and anyone who knows me can tell you that I am always reading on these topics. Recently I came across a live interview with two internet gurus Eben Pagan and Wyatt Woodsmall, their interview revolved around Advanced Learning & Teaching Technologies. I found the interview very interesting; and I thought that it not only applies to me, but it might also apply to some of my clients and anyone interested in achieving their goals. So here are my thoughts…..

What are the two greatest obstacles to learning?

1. “I know that.”

2. “I disagree.”

The problem with “I know that…”

The instant you hear or read something you’ve heard before, what is your first response? “I know that.” When I tell you, “You need to eat more fruits and veggies,” what is your response? “I know that.” What's happening when you hear something you think you already know? Your brain filters “new” knowledge with “old” knowledge, and your brain instantly shuts down when you detect something you believe you've heard before. This is especially true when it’s something that could lead to behavioral change! Your mind is designed to protect you against all possible change - especially if it is change that involves leaving your "comfort zone." As you go through this newsletter I hope that you will see that one of the keys to life and learning is to keep your mind OPEN.

The problem with “I disagree.”

When you disagree, 80% of the time you are closing your mind to learning anything new. The next time you disagree with a premise, I challenge you to ask yourself, what if anything is useful or beneficial about what is being said; and how can I possibly use it?

What is CHANGE?

Change requires you NOT being YOU. You have to become “NOT YOU.” Say this to yourself now. “If I want to change I need to STOP being ME.” For the most part, your family and friends DO NOT want you to become “not me.” They like the current you. The good news is, you ARE capable of not being you; however you need to learn how to get out of your comfort zone and make the behavioral change.

What does this mean? It means that if you’re not a person who takes risks, you're a person who prefers to live in a comfort zone, when you do something different people will probably say, “You’re not being yourself”. The question is do you want to go through life living up to other people's expectations or do you have a desire to transform into some one greater or just different than the person you are now? I offer a different solution to living in this lifestyle of limitations. I encourage you to consider making some gradual changes in your life.

How do I plan on being systematically outrageous in 2009? Here is what I have churning in my brain…

-> I am opening a training studio.

-> I am starting a new business.

-> I am going to work with individuals or groups to help minimize the spread of diabetes trough fitness.

-> I’m going to write an electronic book.

-> I am going to start an educational product to teach fitness professionals how to be more effective in the fitness industry.

Do you see what I am forcing to happen? I’m creating the conditions for INEVITABLE transformation. See how I’m putting myself in situations that will force me to change my current way of doing things? All of the examples above force me to now make these things a reality. By announcing this publicly to you and the rest of my readers, I am making myself accountable and putting my word on the line - I hope that you will hold me to this and follow up with me.

At some level you can do exactly what I am doing too. Again, change is “going outside your comfort zone;” and in many cases your family and friends do NOT want you to change. The reason they don't want you to change is because in some sense the old adage, "misery loves company," is true. Your friends and family care about you of course; but if you start to change and reach your goals, then they will see that dreams can come true and they will have no reason not to achieve theirs. You will be taking them out of their comfort zone.

How Change & Learning Are The Same…

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is learning?” There are a number of levels of learning and I’ll share the first three:

Level 0 learning = an insight i.e. something you read or hear, information that gives you a new perspective. Most people in life never advance beyond Level 0 learning.

Level 1 learning = a new action has taken place i.e. a behavior change or some sort of actionable commitment has taken place.

Level 2 learning = a physical, intellectual or spiritual transformation has taken place i.e. physically; you have gone from skinny to muscular.

If you get one thing from this newsletter remember that: Learning = Behavioral Change. That means, if your behavior does not change, you did not learn or you don’t want it bad enough to make the change.” Let's apply the example above. If you read in my book that eating 15 serving of fruits and veggies will improve your health then you have experienced level 0 learning. It is only a new insight. Once you begin eating closer to 15 serving of fruits and veggies a day, you are now at level 1 learning because a new action has taken place and there has been some behavioral changes. As a result of this behavioral change, your stomach goes from being soft and chubby to flat and firm, you are moving towards level 2 learning. A transformation has taken place. You are transforming from that caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Ask yourself, “What areas of my life am are now sitting at level 0 learning that I want to take to a level 1?” What is an area in your life that you “know” needs to change or improve?

I’ll go first. I want to improve my business sense and my ability to market on the internet. I have started working with a business consultant and meet with him 3 times a week for about an hour to an hour and half. That is an example of level 1 learning. Notice how specific and detailed I was about my applying the insight about improving my understanding of business. I won't learn anything about the impact of internet marketing on my business unless a behavior change occurs. As a result, I have created a conditions or change to allow me to achieve this success.

You may still be asking yourself, Jeff what does this have to do with fitness and achieving my New Years Resolution? I believe that it has everything to do with fitness and your resolution. As I hope you saw in my newsletter the key to success is planning and getting out of your comfort zone, this applies to fitness too. As I said earlier my business guru has told me “failing to plan is preparing to fail." Individuals who do not have a plan are doomed to fail. They have no road map to direct them to their goal.

Now it’s your turn to take action. What's your plan and how are you going to work it in 2009? I would love to hear what everyone is doing. One of my goals is to share your success with everyone on our website. I believe that we all can be motivated and helped by one another, so please email me your successes so we all can share in them.

Till next time.

Stay Fit

Jeff Paluseo

PS. My new studio should be opening in the next few weeks so if you are looking for some help with you training spots are filling up fast.