Bloated Belly Instead of Ripped Abs

Have you ever wondered what causes your belly to become bloated? I get this question a lot, especially when spring break and summer time begin to creep ever so close. This is the time of year when those beach goers begin to look at themselves in the mirror. Well here is the big answer, according to several nutritionists” a great way to battle that belly bloat especially in those lower abs is to remove “wheat” based products from you diet for two weeks.

The cause of the bloating is gluten which is found in wheat. Gluten is a sticky glue like substance, and is very difficult for us to digest. Besides causing the bloating, gluten causes some other not so glamorous effects like abdominal discomfort and GAS!

Wheat has more gluten in it than any other type of grain. If you cut out or decreased the amount of breads, crackers, cereals and any other food that has wheat listed on the label for roughly 14 days, you may be surprised by what you may see.

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