Welcome, I’m glad you found us. 

If you want a great way to start your weekend I suggest a group fitness program.  Why? Because it’s fun, gives you a ton of energy for the weekend, and you meet a great group of people all with same goal: to have fun, feel great, and start the weekend doing something really good for themselves. 

Group Circuit training is an effective form of workout that targets aerobic fitness and muscular endurance simultaneously. It’s effective and fun.  In a circuit training class, you work at your own pace through a series of exercises for a set time (usually 40 seconds) and a short rest between exercises (usually 20 seconds). Some circuits may involve the use of basic resistance equipment (ropes or suspension trainer); others may use only body weight exercises (pushups, squats). Others may combine both.

In a group environment you have the added fun a wide range of personalities, and fitness levels to train with.  It all makes for a great time; and you’re done in less than an hour. A winning combination.

So if you ready to start your weekend  right come join us at Doc’s Restaurant this Saturday morning at 8:30 am, you’ll be glad you did.  See you then.