Healthy Chocolate Dessert Recipe

(High Protein, Low Sugar, and Full of Chocolate Goodness!)

Instead of typical puddings and cheesecakes loaded with sugar and calories, this recipe is high in protein, has a decent dose of fiber, antioxidants, loads of vitamins, minerals, and more...

PLUS this recipe is lower in carbs and sugar than pretty much any other chocolate desserts out there!



•1 cup of plain Greek yogurt (choose either the 2% or the full fat -- remember, don't be afraid of fats, as they help balance hormones and provide satiety which lowers appetite overall... Greek yogurt is MUCH higher in protein than normal style yogurt, and also tastes creamier!)

•1 cup of ricotta cheese (I passed on the fat-free and chose the part skim... I also was able to find ricotta from grass-fed cows at Whole Foods)

•1 scoop of chocolate protein -- I like to use this grass-fed raw whey protein, and sometimes I mix and match with chocolate hemp protein or this amazing new protein I found recently, Boku Super-Protein (this protein is from sprouted brown rice and has an incredible amount of naturally-occurring calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A)

•2 Tbsp cocoa powder

•3 Tbsp raw cocao nibs -- these pieces of 100% pure cocao add tremendous nutrition to the recipe and also a great crunchy chocolate taste (nibs are harder to find than cocoa powder, but can be found at most health food stores or specialty food stores)

•1/4 cup chopped pecans

•1/4 cup almond slivers

•2 Tbsp each of chia seeds and hemp seeds (optional, but adds TONS of nutrition and a nice nutty taste)

•1 teaspoon vanilla extract

•2 or 3 packets of natural stevia to sweeten to your taste


After mixing all of these ingredients thoroughly in a bowl, top off your individual servings with any kind of berries (raspberries and/or strawberries go excellent with this recipe!) Chill, and if you like top with a small dolup of fat free whipped topping. WOW!!!

Thanks Christina, this is a great recipe.


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