Do you go to the gym and do the same routine every time or take the same spinning class week after week? Bored with the usual exercises? Walked on the treadmill one too many times?

Your body is probably so used to what you are doing that it hasn't changed in months. The definition of insanity you know, is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result - STOP THE INSANITY!

Ask yourself, "Are you getting the results you want from your exercise routine?"

If the answer is no, or if you're just plain bored, SPORTS FITNESS SOLUTIONS has the answer for you!


Are you ready for something different? Leave it to Sports Fitness Solutions to be on the cutting edge and bring the hottest fitness crazes in North America to the Coastal Bend.

Sports Fitness Solutions is excited to offer Island Boot Camp. It seems so new, yet this type of fitness has been around for over 150 years. How do we explain it? Many people strength train with weights while others do cardio or aerobics - somewhere in between is our group fitness coaching. Now you get the benefits of both. Your body will get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness will improve and you will burn calories and watch your body change.

It's been on every major news station and is being used by several major league sports teams. Even one of the most popular soap opera stars in the world changed her body, her career and is teaching other women the power of fitness with her own workout video based on this phenomenal training system.

Group fitness coaching, with Sports Fitness Solution's certified instructors, uses scientifically designed programs and tools including kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, medicine balls, TRX's and other fun, different equipment. This type of training is a great ways to shake things up and gives you a full body workout, burns a ton of calories and gets your metabolism going.

There is absolutely no way to describe this workout without inviting you to try it.

So come and give it a try and see for yourself how really different it is; and how different it makes you feel, and how much fun you have. Best of all you have nothing to risk because Your First Session IS ON US If you don't like it your not obligated in any way. So what do you have to lose, nothing but those unwanted pound. Contact US today and let us contact you with all of the details; or simply call 774-269-3751 and we'll be happy answer any questions you may have. Try the Island Boot Camp each Monday - Wednesday - Friday morning from 6:00am to 6:45am. Come join the fun, you'll be glad you did; we guarantee it. CONTACT US TODAY!

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Former Sports Fitness Solutions athlete and IceRays player, Ryan Garbutt was called up to the NHL Dallas Stars on February 17th from the Texas Stars, Dallas’ primary affiliate in the American Hockey League (AHL). Then on February 21st, in the new Montreal Garden, Ryan scored his first NHL goal.

Garbutt fresh out of Brown University, spent the 2009-2010 season with the IceRays in the CHL; and working with Jeff Paluseo at Sports Fitness Solutions. With the IceRays, he scored 22 goals and 28 assists in 64 games during his rookie campaign.

With the promotion, Garbutt is the first SFS athlete to make it to the NHL; and the first in 14 seasons to make it from the IceRays. This year with the Texas Stars in the AHL, Garbutt is fourth on the team in points with 16 goals and 17 assists in 50 games.

Congratulations to Ryan, from everyone at Sports Fitness Solutions for making his NHL debut and scoring his first goal. He’s had a great week.


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