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"When I first met Jeff & Dave Paluseo of Sports Fitness Solutions, I must admit I was a bit skeptical about working out in the office without gym equipment or weights. Was I ever wrong? Each session lasted an hour and each week I learned a few basic moves (coupled with repetition) and before I knew it, I was getting stronger and my stamina was increasing. Anyone can work out with SFS, even if you're a couch potato, because each exercise can be modified to fit your comfort level. I lost approximately 15 lbs and 7 inches from my mid-section. Jeff keeps you challenged and Dave is there for positive reinforcement." -Denna Brooks, Ingleside, TX

Dave Paluseo - Sports Fitness Solutions Testimonial

Testimonial - Sports Fitness Solutions

Hi, my name is Dave Paluseo. I am a partner in Sports Fitness Solutions; but more important I am also a client. Sounds like that guy on the TV commercial doesn't it; but like him, it's true. I'm not a trainer, I handle the "business" side of Sports Fitness Solutions; and equally important, to me at least, I'm a client.

Since 2005 Jeff and the programs from Sports Fitness Solutions have been keeping me alive. In January of 2005 an overweight Italian guy living in Plymouth Massachusetts woke up on a snowy Monday morning, and realized that he and his wife had to shovel a long snow filled driveway of some heavy wet snow before they could go off to work. So I dressed, had a quick taste of coffee; and began this early morning task as the snow continued to fall. Just as I walked out the door I took a deep breath of cold air and my chest began to hurt. I thought, "great I must have developed a chest cold over night, just what I need to start the week." It hurt as I shoveled; but no big deal, you do what you need to do.

After about an hour or so the task was done. I went in the house and decided the chest pain wasn't getting any better, so I decided I would take a sick day to recover. I went to bed; and basically stayed there for 3 days, until my wife convinced me I should go to the emergency room because this wasn't normal. I did and found that I had had a heart attack on that Monday. A lot of boring medical stuff happened after that; but surfice it to say I was lucky. As a result, 40% of my heart no longer functions; and I had to turn my lifestyle around.

After my release from the hospital and my initial rehab, Jeff and Sports Fitness Solutions started their magic. They developed a program for me, and within the next few months I dropped 55 pounds, and regained my health; as well as a totally different lifestyle. I'm happy to report that I'm in great shape today and I've been able to keep the excess weight I had off. My vitals are all great according to my physician, and my lifestyle has changed totally thanks to the programs Jeff and Sports Fitness Solutions put together for me. I've learned that your fitness is no joke, you need to work at it; and understand it. That's what Sports Fitness Solutions did best for me. If you need to get in shape, or your doctor tells you need to change your lifestyle, give Sports Fitness Solutions a call. Call me direct if you want (774-269-3751)I'll be happy to get you started; and to help you in any way I can. Trust me if I can do it you can do it.

That's my story. Now I'm not only happy with my new healthy lifestyle; I'm also happy about being a part of a great team. Thanks Sports Fitness Solutions.

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Every Saturday Morning Sports Fitness Solutions offers a Free Fitness Boot Camp sponsored by Doc's Restaurant.

This Free Boot Camp has been running since early last summer and it continues to gain momentum each week. This week 36 participants enjoyed a fun morning of fitness. The program is targeted toward folks of all ages and abilities, and it offers a great way to start your weekend.

Run by Jeff Paluseo and his professional team from Sports Fitness Solutions, a fun program is offered each Saturday combining: aerobic, interval training and other exercises using body weight to help lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength, and help people get into a routine of regular exercise while having fun.

So if you want to start on a great fitness program to: lose weight, get fit, or to just start your day on the right foot join us each Saturday at 8:30 and enjoy the fun program and great view of the Laguna Madre offered by Doc's. Hope to see you there.

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