3 Must Have Traits For Your Ultimate Fitness Success

As we go through life there are traits that are both innate as well as learned that lead people to be successful in whatever endeavor they may be attempting. This is true in fitness as well. There are traits, that if acquired, will lead to your fitness and weight loss success.

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in gyms. While I'm there, I see a lot of people working their tails off to lose weight and get fit. Unfortunately over time I never see much change in the bodies of these people as a result of their hard work. Some of the reason for their lack of success is due to not training the right way (that is where I come in); but that's not what this article is about. I've come to the conclusion that the reason so many people are not successful in their training program is simply because of themselves. They stand in the way of their own success.

I know you are sitting there saying sure what the heck do you know, haven't been in my shoes trying to lose weight. Honestly, I have not been in your shoes, if you are trying to lose weight, but I have been in the shoes of someone who has had a weight problem. In my career as a professional hockey player I was always underweight. I can hear you already; you are saying “oh I feel so bad for you because you are too light.” Well yeah it is a big deal when your contract, or the advancement of your professional playing career depends on hitting a particular weight level. The only difference between me and you is that in most cases my situation is more accepted in society, big deal. So I do know the difficulties that you are going through, because I have been there. However here is the great thing; as a result of my difficult situation, I have come to realize the three traits you must possess to be successful in a weight loss and/or total fitness program. Let me share them with you.

Trait #1. Determination.

Weight loss and total fitness is no different than anything else, it's HARD! I love this one, because I can't count the number of times people come up to me and tell me that losing weight is so hard. I always respond with, "no kidding did you really think that losing weight was going to be easy, if it were that easy then why doesn’t everyone have the body of their dreams?" So be ready for a tough fight ahead; however know you can do it.

Trait #2 Persistence (I might also call this consistence.)

To date, I have not seen a weight loss program that was truly effective that you could do just once in a while. I also have not seen a nutritional program that only requires you to eat properly once in a while for it to be effective. With that being said I am going to let you in on a little secret, you are going to slip up with either your nutritional program or exercise program (possibly both at the same time), that’s okay. As Shawn Walsh (Former Maine Head Hockey coach) once said “its not that we lose that I am concerned with, but with how quickly we get up from that loss”. So when you do slip up, get right back on the wagon again. You can't change the past, you can only control what your next choice will be. Make that next one the right choice and start building from there.

Trait #3 Faith

Okay here is the truth I have the hardest time with, and this is one I am really speaking to out of past experience. I know how hard it is to have busted your Butt for the last 3 weeks and you only see a pound or two come off. It's at this point that you start to question yourself and the program that you are following. This is where so many people fall short. They fall short because they are always trying the next latest workout instead of sticking to their original program and dedicating all of their efforts to it. Have faith in yourself and your program, faith that you can achieve the dream body that you have in your head. Because you can achieve it, yes it is going to be hard, yes it is going to be frustrating; but your health, happiness and life are all far more important than going through some tough times. Believe in yourself and your program. You can do it!

In closing I am going to leave you with a Bonus Tip. Set your goals high because you just don’t know where you might land. By this I mean, too many people say, "if I could only lose 5 or 10 pounds that would be great," when they really want to lose about 45 to 50 pounds. It's okay to aim high and say that you want to lose 40 – 50 pounds; and that you are going to reach that goal. Sure you will have those nay sayers; but who cares. If you fall short and only lose 37 pounds for example that's still great, and much better than that safe 5 or 10 pound goal. Even if you only lose those 5 pounds, be proud of what you accomplished and proud that you are on you're way to better health and all of its great benefits.

So there it is. I hope my ideas on the traits you need to be successful, help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Give them a try. I know you can do it.

Till Next time.

Stay Fit,

Jeff Paluseo

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